"Very happy with the way the boat handled"

B. Ferry - March 2012


Launched my Terminator 3.5m RIB for the first time yesterday.  Absolutely perfect day in Wellington with little wind to start with but it freshened as the day progressed with white caps and up to half metre waves.  Very happy with the way the boat handled.  I run a 1999 Mercury 15hp and achieved just over 40km/h with two adults on flat water (GPS reading).  That is 7km/h faster than my 3.5m Zebec inflatable keel boat made.

"The hours of on the water fun we have had on our Terminator Boat are priceless"

David H., Carterton

Dear Terminator Boats, I thought I would write this letter of appreciation to let you know how much fun and enjoyment we are getting from our Terminator Boat. Before I purchased it I deliberated over whether or not to buy a boat at all. I didn’t have a boating background and was cautious about the whole boating with young children idea. I have two very young children and with my lack of experience with boats I lacked confidence. However, isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing? What was I ever worried about and what an easy boat to gain experience and confidence on.The hours of on the water fun we have had on our Terminator Boat are priceless. What a great plaything it has been and the experiences our children and others have received through boating are massive. It has opened up a whole new world to us and has also added a new dimension to our family holidays.


Over Christmas we stayed with friends at Waihi beach. We towed our Terminator boat up there from Wellington, which was an absolute breeze to tow. Where we stayed we had 12 kids and 8 adults. We also had a bigger boat that we normally use for our families on previous Christmas breaks and Holidays’ etc... However, ironically we hardly used my friends far more expense boat. We used my Terminator boat mostly because it was so much more suitable, useful and convenient. It was so much easier to put in and out of the water, which gave us more opportunities to go out at short notice. The Children preferred the smaller boat for towing the tube. The adult blokes found it easier and faster to dive and snorkel off and do our spear fishing from etc. It also cost near to nothing to run our 30hp Yamaha for the 10 days. What can I say, you have a great product and I can only highly recommend the Terminator Boat to anybody who is thinking of getting into boating or who prefers more convenient boating or who enjoys cheap and safe boating for their children etc....


P.S. Also, thank you very much for posting those urgently required hose parts for the inflatable pump and the bung/hull plug etc.​

I use the boat mainly for teaching my kids to sail.

Jon F., Devonport


It is really good for getting in close to them and gives them confidence. Have had no problems with it at all. My other boat is a 7.5m Hardtop Alloy which is way too big to get in close to the kids optimist, intimidates them, and throws too much of a wind shadow. It is also really good to throw in the back of the truck if we’re going away. I use it with a 8hp Tohatsu on the back. 

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